TensCam/RJV Jr.

Energy-based healing device from Crosby Advanced Medical Systems

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TensCam/RJV Jr. works in just 2 minutes

  • Based on the original CAMS unit
  • Treatments are billable to insurance
  • Can deliver treatments of up to an hour

This model is the lowest-priced professional CAMS device for which treatments are billable to insurance. Because it is compact and lightweight, it’s easy to take with you when you travel. The TensCam /RJV Jr. balances the human energy field for the reduction of pain, inflammation, and bacterial infection. It is also programmed to provide specific frequencies which have been associated with natural lengthening of telomeres.

What are CAMS units and how do they work?

The TensCam/RJV Jr. consists of:

  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) the size of a deck of cards (3.5” x 2.25” x .875”)
  • 5.5” x 1.5” transducer
  • 3’ cable to connect the TENS and the transducer
  • Tripod stand for easy self-treatment


TensCam/RJV Jr. at a glance
Energy output: 0.1 nanojoules
Treatment duration: 2 minutes up to 1 hour
CPT billing code: 97032—physician-attended treatment
Energy source: 9V battery
Cost: $3,500

How does the TensCam/RJV Jr. Work?
Since the 1950s, scientists have known that the human body naturally resonates at 7.83 Hz. Areas of the body exhibiting pain and/or inflammation (or imbalance in other ways), no longer vibrate at this frequency. The TensCam/RJV Jr. re-establishes the body’s normal frequency patterns and balances the bio-energetic field. This is crucial for the resolution of pain and for the return to health.
Scientific investigation has recently revealed the resonance of normal, healthy chromosomes. These frequencies are incorporated in RJV mode to stimulate regeneration and re-growth of telomeres.

How do I use the TensCam /RJV Jr.?
To treat pain and other disharmonies, simply turn on and point the device at the problem area from a distance of 18 inches (½ meter) for 2 minutes with the intent to heal. Progress can be monitored in real-time with a standard ultrasound scanner, applied kinesiology or manual scanning. Edema can be seen to resolve first, followed by restructuring of tissue planes. Visual observation reveals almost immediate decrease in swelling and redness. Thermography confirms changes in skin temperature.
The TensCam/RJV Jr. may also be set to apply specific frequencies for longer periods of time during Telomere Therapy. Suggested use: 15 minutes, twice daily.

Blue Light Treatment
Inflammation and pain are often associated with microbial infection. Recent research has demonstrated that blue light at a wavelength of 470 nanometers (nm) effectively controls many types of bacteria including periodontal bacteria, acne, and resistant types of staphylococcus (MRSA). The 470 nm wavelength of visible light has been shown effective for both gram positive and gram negative bacterial strains.
The TensCam/RJV Jr. includes blue lights at the 470 nm wavelength. When the device is held 1 cm (3/8 inch) from the skin, many types of bacteria and other microbes can be significantly reduced. Treatment for 2 minutes every 4 to 6 hours for 3 or 4 days can often replace antibiotics and their side effects.

* Not recommended for those with cardiac pace-makers or during pregnancy.

Compare the CAMS models

“During the nine months I have been using the TensCam/RJV Jr. my stamina, strength, endurance and focus have steadily improved. Gallbladder pain has disappeared, varicose veins have vanished and my telomere length has improved from the 18th to the 37th percentile!”
-Barbara Nelen, massage therapist

“About five years ago, I developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I visited the Mayo Clinic and was told there was nothing they could do. I expected to have to take pain medication and to live without feeling in my feet for the rest of my life.

“On the evening of my first TensCam treatment, I was surprised to be able to feel the cool sensation of the tile as I walked across the floor. I decided to purchase a TensCam so that I could treat myself regularly.

“Progress was not rapid, but within several months of daily treatment, I noticed marked improvement. Today I have no pain, no burning or tingling. I still treat myself almost daily because when I go too long between treatments, I notice that symptoms begin to recur.”
—Don Newburg
Iowa farmer

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Note to patients: The TensCam Classic requires a doctor’s prescription. If you are a patient and would like to purchase a TensCam Classic, please ask your doctor to read Prescribing CAMS for home self-treatment.