TENSCAM Referral Program

Get an easy 25% commission when you refer a new customer to purchase a TENSCAM device.


  • We’ll answer all their questions and handle the purchase for you.

  • All you need to do is send them our way and let us know about it.

  • All purchases still receive their 1-year warranty.

  • In order to refer someone and collect a commission you will need to be an existing owner of your own CAMS device.

Some details about earning your commission:

  • Commissions are paid 30 days after your referred person has purchased their device.
  • Your commission is payable in check or credit towards another CAMS device purchase.
  • Your second purchase of a TENSCAM device will also give you a 25% discount.
  • If your referral makes a purchase without you completing the form below, but they mention your name in their purchase form, you will still be eligible for your commission.

Referring someone to TENSCAM

Please complete the information below and we will reach out to the person you've referred to TENSCAM.