Portable Personal Tuner

Energy-based healing device from Crosby Advanced Medical Systems

Pat. Pend.


Portable Personal Tuner goes everywhere with you

  • Fits in a pocket or purse
  • Needs no doctor’s prescription
  • Our lowest-priced model

Looking for a CAMS unit you can take virtually anywhere? Consider the Personal Tuner. This handy portable model—complete with a rechargeable battery—helps relieve pain and inflammation at the cellular level by restoring the body’s normal resonant



The Personal Tuner:

  • Is as small as a computer mouse—4.5” x 2” x 1.5”
  • Includes a carrying pouch with a shoulder strap
  • Comes with a plug-in battery recharger
  • Gives treatments in just two minutes


Personal Tuner at a glance

Energy output: 3.2 microjoules
Treatment duration: 2 minutes (Results may take 10-15 minutes)
CPT billing code: Personal Tuner treatments are not billable
Energy source: Rechargeable battery
Cost: $1,300—our most affordable model


What are CAMS units and how do they work?

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 “I developed a problem in the tendons on the thumb side of my right wrist. The tendons were rubbing against the sheath, which actually shredded the tendons. They became swollen and inflamed.

 “I had therapy; I went to see a surgeon and I had two cortisone injections. The hand therapy didn’t help very much. Certainly putting the wrist in a brace didn’t help. 

 “My doctor, Dion Kulak, DO, purchased a TensCam and she taught me how to use it. I was so impressed with it that I bought a Personal Tuner. 

 “The Personal Tuner has had a remarkable effect. It reduces the swelling when I’m doing a lot of playing [the cello]. I use the Personal Tuner in the morning, or at night before bed if I’ve had a hard day’s work and the wrist is a bit swollen. Or both. 

 “I think the Personal Tuner is really helping. I’m quite impressed with it. I’m feeling very positive that I’ll be able to have a complete recovery.”

—Sarah Cuming
Cellist, Australia’s Orchestra Victoria

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