Patient self-treatment case studies for CAMS energy-based healing devices

CAMS self-treatment case studies

Patients describe their experiences with CAMS energy-based healing devices.

Chronic back pain

Patient: 75-year-old male retired Navy captain
History: “I suffer from chronic back pain which often caused me to lose work.”
Medical treatment: “I would seek chiropractic relief.”

CAMS experience:

“Although I was a skeptic, I applied the TensCam to my chronic back pain. To my surprise, after a few applications the pain subsided and I’ve not needed outside help for about two years.
 “Now, when I sense the pain returning, two or three TensCam applications keep the problem under control. I’ve found similar amazing results with an arthritic elbow and an old football injury to my knee. All things considered, I’m a skeptic turned believer.”

Oral Herpes and Bell’s Palsy

Patient: 54-year-old female school teacher
History: “Most of my life, I have been in good health. Three months ago, I developed an oral herpes outbreak and Bell’s Palsy [paralysis of one side of the face]. I never suffered so much pain in my life. The sores in and out of my mouth were very painful and the temporary paralysis was very uncomfortable.”
Medical treatment: “I was given medication to help control the symptoms and the pain. Most of this medicine did not work.”

CAMS experience:

“From the very beginning, using TensCam a few minutes once a day, I felt a great deal of relief from the nagging pain on the side of my face and in my ear. It also helped to alleviate my inability to close my left eye and straighten my mouth so I could once again smile normally.
 “I used the TensCam machine for about three weeks. I am feeling much better now and credit TensCam for so much of my progress.”

Wrist Pain

Patient: Female with 35 years’ experience as a professional cellist
History: “I developed a problem in the tendons on the thumb side of my right wrist. The tendons were rubbing against the sheath, which actually shredded the tendons. They became swollen and inflamed.”
Medical treatment: “I had physical therapy; I went to see a surgeon and I had two cortisone injections. The hand therapy didn’t help very much. Certainly putting the wrist in a brace didn’t help.

“Then I began treatments with a cranial osteopath who had purchased a TensCam, and she taught me how to use it.” 

CAMS experience:

The cellist was so pleased with the CAMS treatments that she purchased her own Personal Tuner.

“The Personal Tuner has had a remarkable effect. It reduces the swelling when I’m doing a lot of playing. I use the device in the morning, or at night before bed if I’ve had a hard day’s work and the wrist is a bit swollen. Or both.

“I think the Personal Tuner is really helping. I’m quite impressed with it. I’m feeling very positive that I’ll be able to have a complete recovery.”


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