Patient FAQ for CAMS energy-based healing devices

CAMS patient FAQ

Q. If a daily CAMS treatment works well for me, can I increase my treatments to two or three times a day to see results faster?

 A. Do not administer more than one Original mode treatment per day to a given area. For Original Mode treatments, your CAMS device should be positioned 18-24 inches from the area being treated.  

However, if you think you are treating an infection with the Blue Light mode, treat the area every four to six hours from a distance of 3/8 inch. If you see no improvement in 24 hours, contact your physician for advice.

Q. Is it ever advisable to give a treatment longer than two minutes?

A. Sometimes longer treatments are needed for serious problems like cancer pain. In these cases, Dr. Crosby recommends that you email him or call him at 407.823.9502 to discuss your situation.

Q. Why do I need to send a photo of myself when I order a CAMS unit?

A. As explained in What are CAMS units and how do they work?   The photo you provide will be used to customize your CAMS device to your bioenergy.

Q. I’ve asked my doctor to prescribe CAMS unit for me and he says he’s never heard of it. What should I do?

A. Please show your doctor a copy of Prescribing a CAMS unit for home self-treatment. The information on that page—as well as the “Clinician info” section of this site—will help answer your doctor’s questions and guide him or her in deciding whether to prescribe this energy-based method of treatment for you.

 If your doctor still has questions about CAMS, he or she may wish to call Dr. Crosby of   Crosby Advanced Medical Systems at 407-823-9502.

Q. What does a CAMS treatment feel like?

A. Because the CAMS unit never touches the person being treated, many patients report feeling nothing during a treatment. Others may feel a gentle warmth or tingling in the area being treated.

Q. How soon does CAMS produce results?

A. Immediately. Our ultrasound observations of CAMS treatments show that the healing effects begin as soon as the energy is flowing to the patient. People using the Personal Tuner may find that the results take 10 minutes to take effect.

Q. Why do I need a doctor’s prescription to get a TensCam/RJV Jr, RJV Tenscam, LaserCam or Handheld LaserCam?

A. In compliance with federal regulations, these devices can be sold only when a prescription is written by an MD, DO, or DC.

Q. Is there anyone who should not use CAMS?

A. CAMS is not recommended for use by:

  • Patients with cardiac pacemakers of the demand or sensing type. (The actions of the pacemaker might be inhibited or otherwise interfered with by the CAMS unit.)
  • Patients who react poorly to the idea of electrical stimulation of any kind.

Patients with known heart disease should not use CAMS unit without physical evaluation of risk by a physician. As a precaution, women should not use CAMS units during pregnancy or delivery.

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