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2016 Newsletters

June 2016- Alzheimers Research

April 2016- Reversing Chemotherapy Heart Damage

March 2016- CAMS Therapy and the Power of Intention

February 2016- Spectator Survives Hockey Puck to the Head

2015 Newsletters

July 2015- Life after Chemotherapy-with CAMS Technology

June 2015- Telomere Pilot Study: results are in!

May 2015- CAMS for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

April 2015- CAMS for MS-“nothing short of a miracle”

2014 Newsletters

November/December Newsletter- Bustraan Macular Degeneration Layout

October 2014- Tesla lecture

September 2014-Phyllis Tacey Golden years

July 2014- CAMS prior to surgery dramatic recovery

June 2014- CAMS Reduced arthritic inflammation and improved joint mobility

May 2014- CAMS for Post-operative Pain and Inflammation

April 2014- Colic and Diaper Rash Gone with one CAMS Treatment

March 2014- CAMS/RJV Unprecedented Telomere Re-growth

January 2014 – ESR documents CAMS reduction in inflammation

January 2014 – Neural Therapy Conference Features Dr. Crosby as Dinner Speaker

2013 Newsletters

December 2013 – Christmas Special

November 2013- Veterinarian Says CAMS is Front and Center in his Practice

May 2013- CAMS Treatment for Inflammation of the Retina

April 2013- Neural Therapist Discovers CAMS Therapy

March 2013- The Living Matrix and the New Science of Healing

February 2013- Cover it up – or resolve the problem

January 2013 – Smell and Taste Return – Relief from Anosmia Gustatoria

2012 Newsletters

December 2012 – Christmas Special

November 2012- Lasercam for mans best friend

October 2012- CAMS- A Revolutionary Treatment for Angina

September 2012- Seasonal Allergies- A thing of the Past!

August 2012- Getting to the Root of the Problem

July 2012- LaserCam Brain Tune-Up

June 2012- No Longer Wheelchair Bound

May 2012- Breast Cancer Survivor

April 2012- CAMS Technology Receiving Global Attention

March 2012- Dyspepsia Gone!

February 2012- CAMS Treatment for Kidney Disease

2011 Newsletters

December 2011- CAMS Devices

November 2011- CAMS Technology for Thyroid Imbalance

October 2011- CAMS Technology- Literally a Lifesaver

September 2011- CAMS Technology for Paralysis

August 2011- LaserCam Takes on Bursitis

May 2011- Australian Cellist Wrist Pain

2010 Newsletters

August 2010- Multiple Sclerosis

May 2010- AnosmiaGustatoria