Energy-based healing device from Crosby Advanced Medical Systems

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LaserCam is perfect for busy practices

  • Treatments take as little as 10-15 seconds
  • Can also do extremely long treatments
  • Runs on AC current—no batteries to recharge

Need to administer treatments in the shortest time possible—and have a machine capable of giving very long treatments when necessary? The LaserCam is a smart choice for busy clinical practices.

In just 10-15 seconds, the LaserCam helps relieve pain and inflammation at the cellular level by restoring the body’s normal resonant frequency.

Some types of pain, including severe cancer pain, may require much longer treatments.Email Charles Crosby, DO, MD(H) or call him at 407.823.9502 for guidance regarding extended treatments.

“The LaserCam is designed for treatment of the most difficult cases—specifically, cases that have failed to respond to all other treatment methods or those that are unsuitable for surgical intervention,” Dr. Crosby explains.

“Both laser models—the LaserCam and the Handheld LaserCam —are noticeably more effective than the other CAMS models, as can be seen by the very short basic treatment times,” he adds.

What are CAMS units and how do they work?

LaserCam consists of:

  • 6” x 2” x 5” power pack
  • 3” x 6” transducer
  • 3’ connecting cable
  • Waterproof carrying case

LaserCam at a glance
Energy output: 10 milliwatts
Treatment duration: 10-15 seconds
Can also do extremely long treatments
CPT billing code: Check current CPT billing code book
Energy source: Plugs into wall outlet
Cost: $6,000

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 “I had bursitis in my right hip. It gave me trouble every time I got up and it would take a minute before my hip would respond. I tried a treatment called prolotherapy; it worked for a while, but the treatments became less and less effective.

 “When I began a new exercise program, one exercise required that I lift my leg while seated and rotate it in circles. My left leg was fine, but when I went to lift my right leg, I could not even get it off the floor.

 “My doctor found what he called an ‘interference field’ associated with one of my teeth. The tooth had never bothered me, but he explained that interference fields can sometimes cause symptoms in a distant area.

 “Immediately after a 10-second LaserCam treatment at my doctor’s office, I moved to the edge of my chair and easily lifted my right leg off the floor. I could even rotate it in circles. Another surprise came when I went to get up. My hip responded perfectly. I’ve had no symptoms since my second LaserCam treatment.”

Retired college athletic director


Note to patients: The LaserCam requires a doctor’s prescription. If you are a patient and would like to purchase a LaserCam, please ask your doctor to read Prescribing CAMS for home self-treatment.

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