Handheld LaserCam

Energy-based healing device from Crosby Advanced Medical Systems

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Handheld LaserCam—Maximum power on the go

  • Completely portable
  • Treatments take as little as 10-15 seconds
  • Can also do extremely long treatments
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries or wall current

The Handheld LaserCam, the newest CAMS device, combines many advantages of the LaserCam with easy portability. Like the LaserCam, the Handheld LaserCam can do treatments in as little as 10-15 seconds—and administer very long treatments when plugged into a wall outlet. These advantages make the Handheld LaserCam ideal for mobile clinical practices.

What are CAMS units and how do they work?

By restoring the body’s normal resonant frequency, the Handheld LaserCam helps relieve pain and inflammation at the cellular level. For guidance in administering extended treatments for severe cases such as cancer pain, email Charles Crosby, DO, MD(H) or call him at 407.823.9502.

The Handheld LaserCam consists of:

  • 1.5” x 9.5” transducer
  • Plug-in battery recharger
  • Waterproof carrying case


The Handheld LaserCam at a glance

Energy output: 5 milliwatts
Treatment duration: 10-15 seconds
Can also do extremely long treatments
CPT billing code: Check current CPT billing code book
Energy source: 2 rechargeable, removable batteries
Cost: $5,000


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“We developed the Handheld LaserCam for clinicians and patients who want the quick treatment times and laser power of the LaserCam in an easy-to-use, portable unit.”

—Charles Crosby, DO, MD(H)


Note to patients: The Handheld LaserCam requires a doctor’s prescription. If you are a patient and would like to purchase a Handheld LaserCam, please ask your doctor to read Prescribing CAMS for home self-treatment.

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